Correct Installation of Drip Flashing

I have noticed that many homes in the Woodland Heights have Drip Flashing that is installed incorrectly.

For ease of packing and shipping, Drip Flashing is manufactured with a 90 deg bend.

A premium roofer is aware that the flashing is supposed to be bent, prior to installation, to match the pitch of the roof, but many, who are not aware, or do not care, skip this step.

Incorrect installation, in many cases, will channel and trap moisture against the fascia or rafters.

If left uncorrected over a period of years, you will notice breakdown of the paint and resulting wood rot.

This is especially critical to our open rafter bungalows.

Incorrect installation will look like this;

Note how runoff is directed against the wood.

In order to correct this;

First, insure that the Drip Flashing is attached securely enough between the shingles and the roof to accept the bending pressure.

Bend the visible area of the flashing outward until it is clear of the wood and pointing directly toward the ground or into the gutter.

Once this is done, it should look like this;

The Beautiful Ladies that make up the Woodland Heights have been here for upwards to 100 years.

Please take care of them, as I would like for my Great Grandchildren to enjoy them as much as I do.