The Sash Guy (George) was born at the Heights Hospital and lived on 12-1/2 Street, near the corner of Beverly in 1950 in the Houston Heights.

My Grandmother lived nearby on 11-1/2 Street, and my Uncle in the Western Heights.

We later moved to E 28th Street, in the Sunset Heights.

I attended Hamilton Junior High and Regan High School.

We currently live on the South end of Beauchamp in the Woodland Heights.

Being mechanically and structurally inclined, I came up as the families designated home maintenance and repair expert for our bungalows.

The most challenging of these tasks, as we did not have air conditioning in the early years, was to insure that everyone's windows always operated smoothly.

Yes, I am a dedicated Heights Boy, and have the highest regard for these beautiful homes.  They are a part of me, and I treat them with the respect that they deserve.

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