Frequently Asked Questions

01)  What hours do you work?

Understanding that most work is done inside the home, we adjust our schedule to meet your availability.

02)  How long does it take for basic maintenance?

On average, approximately 1 hour per window, depending on it's condition.

03)  Do you work outside of the Heights?

Only on homes built prior to 1900, Houston City Landmarks or homes on the National Registry of Historic Places.

04)  Do you paint?

Yes, thinned white primer for protection of the wood.  Painting is subject to hourly rate.  We will use your colors if provided.

05)  I heard that the windows will work better if the paint is removed from the sides of the window, is this true?

Yes, but they must maintain some air circulation to remain dry.

06)  Do you clean behind your jobs?

Definitely, as we assume that any paint chips removed may contain lead.

07)  What type of insulation do you use?

I have found that the most effective and economical method is spring bronze on the sides and felt stripping on the bottom and at the meeting rail.

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