At some period in our past, our Great Grandparents forgot to tell our Grandparents to tell our Parents that our windows need to be maintained.

As a result, in this "disposable generation", we are allowing the very character of our Historic Homes to deteriorate to the point that that our windows are being taken out and sent to the landfills.

These are being replaced by petroleum based, or new growth products, some, which are not capable of withstanding the elements on a long term basis, which consequently, reduces the charm and value of our homes.

Our goal, as the value of your property affects the value of our property, is to maintain, or show you how to maintain your windows, in order to allow them to last for another 70 to 100 years.

As a bonus, we can also add insulation to your windows, that will slow the heating/cooling loss, while allowing the wood to continue to "breathe", but not "hyperventilate", resulting in lower utility cost and a more comfortable home.

We can also repair your window screens or manufacture custom screens to fit the period and design of your home.

This can be done at a cost that you will find to be surprisingly low.

The Double Hung Sash Window is currently the most used design of windows in the world.


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