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Chances are, you live in a part of the Houston Heights. (1895 Map)
Not on the map yet?  Try this one. (1913 Map)

We are among the fortunate few, who had the wisdom and foresight to make this area our home.

Our homes are National Treasures.

Most were built to the highest standard possible, by Craftsman who were proud enough of their work, to initial the boards on the insides of our walls.

They were built with the very best materials that were available at the time (which are no longer available), and were intended to last forever, provided that they were properly maintained.

We see, on a daily basis, those modifications that have been made to these homes, that, due to added amenities, neglect, or downright 1960's and 1970's ignorance, need attention.

Although we do all areas of Historic Restoration, we have found that the hardest hit area, due to installation of central air and heat, are the windows.

With minimal repairs and proper insulation, these can be made to work properly, with minimal heating and cooling loss.

Our goal is, with study and care, to properly maintain your homes, and move them into the next century.

Our homes are in what was one of the first parts of the Greater Houston Area, where the average family could escape the rat race of Downtown Houston, with it's Muddy Streets, Grifters, Fast Carriages, Trolley Cars, etc., and come home to a calm, pristine area.

The area itself, was bounded loosely on the North by 29th Street, on the South by Washington Ave., to the East by New Montgomery Rd (North Main) and on the West by Prince St. (just the other side of Shepherd's Damn Rd).

The area boasted public transportation to Downtown,

or, at a later time, you could drive,

Good Schools,

Harvard Street School, 8th and Harvard
Cooley School, 17th and Rutland Street
Houston Heights High, 12th and Yale Streets


and any other amenity that you could desire.

Typically, a person would buy a lot, then select a Master Craftsman to build their home.  Many others (as in my case), would purchase a home that was already designed and built, or they would purchase a kit and have the home assembled on their lot.

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